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お・ぼ・れ・た・い; I Want to Drown [in Your Love]; I Want to Lose Myself; To Fall in Love

Released: Author(s): Artist(s): Genre(s):
1994 Yoshihara Yuki Yoshihara Yuki Comedy, Drama, Josei, Mature, Romance, Smut
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A collection of many short stories...

[From ShoujoMagic]:
[VOL. 01: STORY 01]
(English Title) Like a Lamb, Like a Wolf
(Japanese Title) 羊のように狼のように
Straight-laced magazine editor Shizutani Miyako, age 25, has taken every precaution to ensure a steady and predictable life. No surprise is a good one...until she meets Takamura Shuuichi, a photographer with a talent for bringing out the sexual beauty of a woman. Now Miyako is fighting to keep her hard exterior from crumbling (and her nose from bleeding!) over something as flighty as... love?

[VOL. 01: STORY 02]
(English Title) I Want to Lose Myself
(Japanese Title) お・ぼ・れ・た・い
Office lady Mayumi passionately loves...her supervisor's work ethic? Her friends think it's weird that Mayumi isn't physically attracted to Kuroiwa, but she's just never thought of him that way...until now that it's been mentioned. One night after that, the two of them are working overtime alone when Kuroiwa accidentally falls asleep, and Mayumi decides to take off his shirt...and then his pants! And the only reason she stops there is because Kuroiwa wakes up! Mayumi's never had the hots like this before! What's an inexperienced girl to do?

[VOL. 01: STORY 03]
(English Title) Please Punish Me
(Japanese Title) おしおきしてね

[VOL. 02: STORY 01]
(English Title) 1001 Nights with You
(Japanese Title) あなたと千夜一夜
Ooizumi Sonoka is a hard-working OL (office lady) who single-handedly carries the workload of three, so she doesn't have time for love. After being slighted at a subordinate's wedding, though, she gets uncharacteristically drunk. When she wakes up, Sonoko is in bed with a strange man! She's so flustered that she even runs off wearing his pants by mistake! But she can't help feeling that she'd like to see him again... Then, the very next day, her new section chief turns out to be Houjou, the man she slept with!? In an attempt to prove to him that she's not just some lazy, drunken slut--she tries to show him how hard she can work...?? Chapters 1-3.

[VOL. 02: STORY 02]
(English Title) He's 100% SILK
(Japanese Title) 彼はSILK100%

[VOL. 03] (English Title) 1001 Nights with You Chapters 4-8.

[VOL. 04] (English Title) 1001 Nights with You Chapters 9-13.

[VOL. 05: STORY 01] (English Title) 1001 Nights with You Chapters 14-16 (end).

[VOL. 05: STORY 02] (English Title) After Black Tea (Japanese Title) 紅茶のあとに

[VOL. 06: STORY 01] (English Title) Honey Moon (Japanese Title) 蜜の月 The continued adventures of Sonoko and Houjou.

[VOL. 06: STORY 02] (English Title) Though Thou Canst Smell the Colors (Japanese Title) 色は匂へど

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Volume 02 Chapter 0

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